Withdrawal, Deposit and Refund Policies

Customers of our company must fund their online accounts before trading in any investment prospects with the potential for benefit. The earnings can be taken out of the online profile.

This WD policy, but also the universally applicable terms of service, control withdrawals, and deposits.

About Deposits

As a client, you must make all transactions from one source. If you wish to learn more about how to trade, keep in mind that the account has to be in your name and located in the country you reside in. To ensure that a SWIFT verification is real, it must be sent to our company in order to verify the source of the funds that you want to trade. You can be restricted from depositing money through Bank or wire transfers if you do not follow this WD regulation.

If you do not access and trade from your account within 6 months, your account will be considered dormant, so your Dormant Account will be debited 10% every month. Kindly wait up to 5 business days for bank/wire transfer deposits to show up on your profile.

About Withdrawals

As stated by widely accepted AML legislation and requirements, a withdrawal can be made only from the same financial account or the same debit/credit card that was applied to transfer the money.

Withdrawals from your account can solely be issued in the same currencies as the corresponding deposits until considered differently.

Furthermore, you must be mindful that when you deposit or make withdrawals for trading intentions through various payment options, you might be subject to supplementary fees and limits. Withdrawal collection and storage fees apply to all withdrawals. Those payments would be excluded from the sum that was transferred. In our company, you can find the fee control.

Our company may conduct withdrawals to a separate institution than the one that was used for the transaction, according to Anti-Money-Laundering guidelines.

In addition, as far as withdrawals go, the client will be asked to provide further information and documentation.

About Withdrawal Fees

Withdrawals will be subject to the transaction fees listed down below:

25 USD/EURO/GBP for a wire transfer.

3.5% for a credit card.

2% Perfect Money.

3.5% for a Qiwi.

0.9% for a Webmoney.

7% for a Bitcoin.

Every withdrawal out of an account that hasn't yet completed more than 200 transactions and/or from accounts that have not been checked will be subject to a levy of 10 percent of the withdrawal total.

Wire transfers have a base minimum withdrawal of 250 USD/EURO/GBP. Any other form requires a base withdrawal of 100 USD/EURO/GBP. Remember that these fees do not include the transaction fee. For example, if you withdraw a minimum of 250 U.S Dollars via a wire transfer, you will be billed a 50 U.S Dollar fee.

Fees are subject to adjustment, as they are determined by our company's management system or banking institution.

Non-Deposited Funds

Non-deposited funds comprise any amounts not specifically deposited by the client or obtained from trading on account of actually deposited funds, as well as any other sums not directly deposited by the Client or gained from trading on account of actually deposited funds. Please keep in mind that "non-deposited funds" aren't eligible for withdrawal until further notice. Non-deposited funds can also be credited to a client's account under some circumstances due to technical limitations (for instance, for the goal of enabling the closure of positions or an account with debts).

Without limiting the above, rewards granted by our company to our clients can only be withdrawn if a minimum trade total of 25x the deposit sum including the bonus awarded is executed.

Requesting a Withdrawal

To complete your request to withdraw, you have to:

From the client section, submit a withdrawal order.

Fully fill out the form for withdrawal and print it.

After printing it simply sign the document.

To continue with the withdrawal, all legal documents have to be obtained and accepted by our company's experts.

The beneficiary’s name has to be identical to the trading account's name. Applications to send money to a private entity will be declined.

ATTENTION: the account owner must frequently keep track of the account to verify that there is sufficient margin in the account before filing this application since withdrawals can affect any current vacant position.

How Much Time Does It Take To Process A Withdrawal?

Our company will usually process your request in four to seven working days of receiving it. Because of the extra safety policies, withdrawals to bank accounts can take more time. Kindly double-check your details before sending your application to prevent any setbacks. Our company does not take responsibility for the account holder's mistakes or inconsistencies. Withdrawals will be processed within four to seven working days. Our company is unable to track and therefore isn't liable for the internal processes of the client's bank. The client has to individually update the credit card provider or bank.

When your credit or debit card provider has deducted the transactions from our account, funds are transferred to your credit account. It might take about five working days or more for this procedure to show up on your credit/debit card balance. If you don't have internet access to your credit/debit card, it will show up on the next payment bill, based on the billing period of your card.

But be aware that we do not guarantee any specific time period and that any extra costs placed by 3rd parties will be removed from the withdrawal/deposit, as needed.

Credit and Debit Cards

Additional Fees: when the receiving bank sends or receives money through an external bank, you might be billed extra charges by the external bank. These fees are normally imposed when your bank sends out funds by wire transfers. These extra payments are not handled by our company, and we have no authority over them. For further details, please contact your banking institution(s).

If you select an account in a currency other than U.S. Dollars for credit/debit card deposits, your credit/debit card will be billed according to the quantity that was deposited and the appropriate exchange values. Extra credit/debit card charges can occur along with the exchanged amounts deposited (in these kinds of scenarios, you might find inconsistencies among the deposit and the total charged to your credit/debit card). Clients must understand the minor differences that can exist and may not attempt to regain these costs.

If you deposited money with a credit/debit card, traded online, and then decided to receive your pay-outs, you have to apply the same credit/debit card.


The maximum amount of money that can be withdrawn per credit/debit card is equivalent to or less than the maximum amount of funds that can be deposited for every credit/debit card. Wire transfers to an account are needed for higher sums.

Various currencies can be present in your account. Here are the requirements that will apply:

We can receive funds into the account in a variety of currencies. Payments that are from us or that are unpaid, as well as any fund net balances, will be recorded in the appropriate currency.

The account is held in U.S. Dollars, British Pounds, or Euro, and also other currencies will be exchanged at the current exchange value/rate.

We will put into effect an exchange rate of our decision if the client transfers money in a different currency than the one attached to his account.

Supplementary Term

Bear in mind that this policy is not conclusive, and further terms or specifications can be imposed as a result of laws, as well as those aimed at preventing financial fraud. Kindly be informed that all use of the platform and resources is managed by the terms & conditions, which can be changed by our company at any time.

Refund Policy

The refund policy was created to minimize the company's legal and financial hazards while adhering to anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing guidelines.

If the financial source or the client's operations violate anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing regulations, our company is entitled to automatically restrict entry to the client's section, interrupt an account's trading operations, revoke an application for transfer or withdrawal of funds, or enable refunds.

Since our company doesn't revoke completed transactions, we can refund the depositor if there was no trading operation reported on the trading accounts for 1 month after the date of renewal.

Our company can make a reimbursement of money through any payment method, in addition to credit or debit cards, if it is required for specific reasons. Moreover, the reimbursement would be distributed to the client's electronic bank and to the bank account used when depositing the money. It should as well be noted that a withdrawal of an entire deposit sum is solely allowed with the same standards and payment platform as when the account was first opened.

The money withdrawal time frames should not surpass three banking days from the point when the money withdrawal request was sent. Money transfers may often extend the specified timeframes, corresponding to the payment option or to the emitting bank.

If our company determines that the client's actions are illegal or violate the typical intention of using our company's services, whether there is an explicit or implicit, fraudulent, or unethical motive, our company can intervene without telling the client beforehand. All losses, whether they are direct or indirect, as well as expenditures related to financial transactions, are refunded to our company from the client's assets.

When using a credit/debit card to refill an account for trading, the client complies not to ask the bank to reverse the transaction that has already been issued to the trading account or to the issuer of a credit or debit card, both before and after the utilization of our company's services. All actions of this kind would be viewed by our company as a violation of the company's contract for the delivery of services, whereby the client can be held liable under national law.

Third parties will not be able to credit or withdraw money from the client's account unless our company takes the appropriate precautions. Solely the account's owner has the ability to credit and withdraw money from the account.

You can contact us whenever you wish if you have any questions about policies.