Stocks trading - best choice of 2021

Gain profit investing in the real business. Many companies with the projected deals.


What are stocks and securities trading?

Stocks are an effective and affordable stock market tool that can be used by both professional investors and individuals. Thanks to CFDs - Contracts for Difference - the market is gaining more and more popularity every year. CFDs allow you to get profit from changes in stock prices of well-known brands without actually purchasing securities.

Benefits of Trading Stocks with ProperFly


More than 500 available world stocks for trading


You can earn both on the rise in the value of shares and on its fall


You do not need to physically own shares in order to profit from changes in their quotes

Available stocks trading assets

What does ProperFly offer for convenient trading?


Multilingual user support 24/7

ProperFly specialists provide prompt technical and customer support in more than 5 languages

Instant order execution and high liquidity

All transactions in ProperFly are executed instantly and with high liquidity

Transparency of the services provided

Every day thousands of users from all over the world choose ProperFly. We guarantee reliable protection of client funds thanks to strict regulations

Trade on a globally recognized platform

The MT5 trading platform is a leader in trading activities. ProperFly clients have full access to the platform and all technical features

Four easy steps to start trading

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I trade stocks?
If you want to improve your trading experience and overall performance, we recommend that you expand your trading portfolio with new assets. Stocks are a simple investment tool that will allow you to make a profit from the company's activities. You can conduct a comprehensive analysis of the company's activities, thereby increasing your earnings.
How is stock trading different from trading other assets?
The variety of brands and their stocks is the main difference between stocks and other assets. Most traders trade the stocks of the companies which they are familiar with or partially interested in. This practice allows you to connect personal life and interests, which psychologically helps to simplify the process of predicting and perceiving an asset.
Which platform is the most suitable for trading stocks?
Regardless of the asset you choose, when it comes to trading in financial markets, MetaTrader5 will always be the best platform. The range of possibilities and friendly interface of MetaTrader5 will make your trading experience of currency pairs even more comfortable and successful.