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What is trading of oil and petroleum products?

Scale is the main difference between the energy market and others. The players on the world oil market are entire states, large companies, traders and even car drivers who regularly fill up their vehicles with gasoline.

Events of a natural, political or economic nature directly influence price changes, making energy a complex and profitable sector.

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Key Benefits of Energy Carriers Trading with ProperFly


Trading oil and oil products is tied to exchanges that have their own mode of operation


Worldwide trade


Best option for short term contracts


Easy trading process thanks to professional support

Available Energy Carriers for trading

What does ProperFly offer for convenient trading?


Multilingual user support 24/7

ProperFly specialists provide prompt technical and customer support in more than 5 languages

Instant order execution and high liquidity

All transactions in ProperFly are executed instantly and with high liquidity

Transparency of the services provided

Every day thousands of users from all over the world choose ProperFly. We guarantee reliable protection of client funds thanks to strict regulations

Trade on a globally recognized platform

The MT5 trading platform is a leader in trading activities. ProperFly clients have full access to the platform and all technical features

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I trade energy carriers?
The global dimension of the asset is the main reason to start trading today. Oil and petroleum products are used in every country, they are globally recognized products. This will allow you to expand your trading portfolio and make a profit.
How does energy carriers trading differ from other assets?
The main difference between energy carriers and other assets is that traders have to forecast only one direct asset without depending on the classic option where the ratio of two different positions is presented. In addition, most energy carriers contracts are opened for a short period due to the specifics of the product.
Which platform is the most suitable for energy carriers trading?
Regardless of the asset you choose, when it comes to trading in financial markets, MetaTrader5 will always be the best platform. The range of possibilities and friendly interface of MetaTrader5 will make your trading experience of currency pairs even more comfortable and successful.