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Major exchange trading tools for every trader

Trading on the stock exchange is a promising revenue stream that can be either an additional or primary source of income for an investor.

ProperFly offers a wide range of trading tools to help you research and analyse markets, open contracts and manage your account easily, wherever you are.

Major financial instruments traded on the market

You can choose any of the more than 700 assets available on ProperFly's website to participate in stock trading. Choose schemes with good liquidity and high price dynamics to maximise your profits.

ProperFly provides beginner brokers with access to a vast amount of training materials, as well as a personal account manager to help them make their first steps in trading.

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Here are the major exchange trading tools:

Currency pairs

A currency pair is the price structure of two currencies traded on a currency exchange.

Currency pairs are particularly popular with those just starting out in trading.

ProperFly analysts advise beginners to choose currency pairs with low volatility. This will help reduce the risks.



Cryptocurrencies are digital money that is generated using special software, sophisticated testing procedures and encryption methods. Cryptocurrencies are not tied to fiat currencies, and their amounts are originally limited by an algorithm.

Although cryptocurrencies are fairly new trading tools they have a huge popularity among traders, which continues to grow day by day.

All major cryptocurrencies are represented at ProperFly - choosing them for trading you choose the future. This asset is suitable for beginners and experienced traders alike.

Forex market

Forex is the largest financial market in the world, often referred to as the foreign exchange market. Forex is traded in monetary units (currencies) and the operating principle is identical to the classical trading model. Every day there is over 5 trillion dollars worth of sales.

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Conflict of interest

The foreign exchange market is considered to be an over-the-counter market, so there is a risk of falling into the hands of unfair brokers, especially for novice traders. As a result, a conflict of interest may arise. In order to avoid such a situation in the foreign exchange market, you should trade only with a proven broker with a licence.

What a trader uses in the stock market

The stock market as a whole has been made possible by securities. This form of investment is an alternative to investing in accounts, for example through savings accounts, overnight accounts and term accounts. Since they usually have a fixed interest rate, it is possible to earn higher returns with securities. There are two types of securities.


Bonds are interest-bearing securities on which no dividend is distributed as determined by the general meeting. Instead, investors receive a fixed rate of interest by holding a bond.

Shares are probably the best known form of securities. They represent a share of a company that investors can buy and sell on the open market. Ownership turns investors into shareholders, i. e. co-owners of the company.

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Derivatives and additional instruments

Derivatives are second-tier forex trading instruments. Additional financial instruments are characterised by the fact that they are financial market instruments derived from another financial product, the so-called underlying asset. The main characteristic of derivatives is that their price or their performance differs from that of the underlying asset. If the price of the underlying asset rises or falls, the price of the derivative changes accordingly. The basic trader's derivatives:


Unlike options, futures are unconditional forward transactions: they must be settled in real terms if there is no settlement through a corresponding counter transaction before the date of settlement. Futures contracts relating to financial equities are called financial futures. The leverage effect here is achieved by a margin, which is small compared to the size of the contract.



A precursor to the standardised futures. In the case of forwards, the counterparties commit to deliver or buy a specified underlying value (e.g. a straight bond) at a fixed price (forward rate) at a future date (forward value date) in accordance with individually agreed contractual terms. The price is settled upon the transaction and does not change during the term of the contract. This means that both buyers and sellers of the business have a fixed settlement basis.


Silver and gold have been considered one of the safest investments over millenia and are still treated as crisis currencies for times of trouble. In particular, the demand for precious metals has increased significantly over the past few years.

ProperFly offers trading in gold, silver, copper, palladium and platinum, which guarantees profits from price fluctuations without the actual delivery of the metals.

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